Avaaz: Fighting to make the World a Better Place

In January 2007, a company that fights for the rights of humans, animals, climate change, and so much more came to be formed. This company is Avaaz. By uniting the world’s practical idealists and giving them a platform on which to speak, Avaaz is working to turn our planet and society into a much more pleasant and ethical place.

Avaaz has 44 million members in 194 different countries. They are committed to accuracy and doing everything they can to help change the ways of the current world, wanting to save it from all of the nasty things happening right at this moment.

This movement is over the internet, however, it already has much power behind it and will surely go on to do great things as it empowers people to take control and work together to make living situations better across the planet. This is done in different ways, from petitions, to movements, and even coalitions. Avaaz is proud to be fueled by its members, as it remarks that “democratic accountability is in our DNA” and that is something that can be hard to argue, considering who would not want a better place to live?

An interesting fact, the name Avaaz comes from a European, Middle-Eastern, and Asian word for “voice” and giving the people a voice is exactly what this group does. It acts as a megaphone, letting people cry out the wrongs in the world and do their best to come together and make them right.

Where would the world be without Avaaz? Probably down a dangerous road of self-destruction. This group makes it possible to improve our current standings and make things right. Life on Earth will become better thanks to the people who come together and fight for all of us through Avaaz.

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