Human needs not Special Needs

The educational system in America is broken and the need to fix it is of the utmost importance. Betsy Devos, The Secretary of Education, is the woman….. the leader to completely fix this ever growing problem.This may sound like a hyperbole but as you continue to read this article you will discover exactly what she is doing that is moving our educational system in the right direction.

A Human Need not a Special Need

In a speech, a few weeks back she had addressed the issue for special needs children in schools and very passionately spoke on a topic that many people seem to overlook….. and honestly, it is something that does need to change in our educational system.Betsy Devos in her speech said that “She’s absolutely right. You know well that educating students with disabilities involves focused attention, but that does not mean schools or administrators should expect any less from them or that they should be sold short.”This statement alone speaks volumes about the overall progressive mentality of Betsy DeVos. I think for many people out there because they see a person who is considered special, they immediately believe that the child must live their whole lives needing someone to take care of them.

That individual with special needs will have to go their whole lives never trying to come to any form of cognitions. This is a huge insult against the human need, which Betsy DeVos has so elegantly said.This is a human need, not a “special need”. The need to help all our children is crucial for making our country stronger, better and much more unified. Betsy DeVos mission in helping all children is incredibly noble and she is on the right path of improving the educational system.The fact that she wants better for all students and that she expects the best from all students is admirable. For many out there, they aren’t quite aware of the different mindset that people can have. There is the fixed mindset and the growth mindset.The fixed mindset is a mindset when a person believes that people are born with certain skills or intellect and can never get better. The growth mindset is a mindset that revolves around the idea that everyone can get better.Betsy DeVos is trying to instill in all the students the growth mindset and this is exactly what our nation needs.

Final Thoughts

Betsy Devos commitment to helping all the children in our country is very admirable. Her mindset that all children, even those we call special, only deserve the best education – and the best education is wanting them to be the best that they can be.

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