Chic and Savvy Lip Balm

Want to keep your lips hydrated, smooth and healthy all year round? The EOS brand of lip balm is gaining international attention.

The company produces a wide variety of products such as lip balm, hand and body lotion and even shaving cream.

The Blueberry Acacia flavor is amazing. It has a supple texture that instantly softens the lips and is made with 95% organic ingredients. Besides the health benefits of ditching the chemical laden lip products on the market the flavor is fabulous. See also this related site,

The healing and smoothing results can be seen in as little a 2 or 3 applications. Your lips develop a soft even feel and tone that actually heals the skins protective barrier.

The product is infused with shea butter, jojoba oil and vitamin E, which has long been known for it’s antioxidant properties in and on the body.

Shaped in the form of ball, the spheres allow for full and even coverage with each application. See to know more about the product.

EOS lip balm can be purchased at most online and brick and mortar retailers. Keep an eye out for special pricing as well. Due to the popularity of the product there are often discounts for buying the product in bulk packages.

Be sure to check out the EOS buzz and throw one in your store or online shopping cart on your next purchase.

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