Avazz Takes Quick Political Action

The best way to describe and understand Avazz is to think of it as a mix between the technical reach and use of social media sites with the purpose and function of an NGO (Non-Government Organization). Then add to that the structure and political power of a PAC (Political Action Committee).


The focus and results of the campaigns under the Avazz model are complex and layered, as the winds of political change shift from time to time. And, that is exactly the point of the work this global platforms operates from. It is all about the urgency of the situations in the lives of members who are on the frontline for advocacy and leadership, while lending strength to those voices.


All of the power within Avazz comes from the accurate information gathered and efficient action from members, when collective decisions on which campaigns to follow through become final. These issues can range from emergencies in the rain forest to ending projects like President Donald Trump’s “Death Star” which threatens environments across the globe.


This model and power structure has a worldwide effect, because there are members in every country and continent. The big picture is that Avazz is more than 44 million strong in 194 countries. Few other organizations can make claims of numbers like this. The largest groups of members are in Europe, the US, and Brazil.


The makeup of the resource destruction within this organization goes into three different categories of Program(s), management, and fund raising. However, the majority of the funds raised within the organization is used on programs. Intriguingly enough, the least amount of resources goes to fundraising that is because funds come from members themselves. This allows this global community to spend more time taking action instead of asking other establishments for help. Avazz puts its money where its mouth is.

For more information follow Avaaz on Twitter @avaaz.

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