End Citizens United Got a Companion in Rob Quist, and the PAC Supports him for Congress

End Citizens United, the PAC fighting against the unaccounted and uncontrolled flow of money into the politics and election process, has decided its mind to endorse Rob Quist for Congress. The famous American singer is contesting to represent Montana’s at-large district in the special election scheduled on May 25, 2017. The executive director of the PAC, Tiffany Muller confirmed that Quist is expected to make a different voice in Congress for Montana, and he is considered to have great links with grass root level and stands for the mass, not for the one percent. He always stood against the ill-minded billionaires who wanted to buy the elections and sell the public property, Muller continued.


“I too worried about the flow of money in politics like most of the Montanans, and many times, it has noted that the legislators try to represent the business groups who poured the money than the electorate,” said Quist. “I am delighted and proud by the support of End Citizens United who tried to represent the general feeling of Montanans to fight against corporates who wanted to purchase our elections.” As the PAC has thousands of members in Montana, it would mobilize the volunteers to help the Quist’s campaign and would connect with at least 330,000 small-dollar contributors across the country to accumulate the resources for the win.


Interestingly, End Citizens United is on a big mission to send maximum legislators who have a similar stand of Quist in 2018 midterm elections to the Congress. The group has started raising funds for it, and it has collected more than $4 million this year. It plans to raise at least $35 million before the elections to endorse maximum candidates as possible. If the target is achieved, it could be a significant jump in numbers from the 2016 Presidential election where the PAC raised $25 million. In this year’s fundraising campaign, more than 100,000 people contributed with 40,000 of them are the first time givers. Muller confirmed that the average the contribution this year stood at $12 and said more people are aware of the election system being rigged. Now, more people wanted “campaign-finance reform champions” as the representatives.


Apart from endorsing Quist, the PAC also worked to support Georgia candidate Jon Ossoff and asked its supporters to contribute $500,000 to ensure the sufficient resources for him. The PAC is fighting against the Citizens United order by the Supreme Court in 2010 that opened doors for corporates to buy the elections. Since the group is deeply committed to its mission, it doesn’t accept any donation more than $5,000 from any individual donor. However, the mass support for End Citizens United is working on its way, and it is able to collect the targeted amounts without any hassle.


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