Sawyer Howitt is a Racquetball Marvel

Racquetball is a sport that does not get a lot of attention from Americans. It has yet to make it to the front with other sports like football and basketball. If anyone has a chance of changing that, it might be Sawyer Howitt. Sawyer Howitt is a teenage racquetball sensation. He started playing for his high school racquetball team. He made his presence known at Oregon High School Racquetball State Championships. He did not win the 2015 trophy but that didn’t break his confidence, yet it only pushed him to go harder to become the best there is.

He is currently apart of the Racquetball Club of Portland, Oregon. Sawyer Howitt is up and coming but definitely a star in the making. He has taken his team pretty far already. Howitt has won numerous matches and does not plan on stopping anytime soon. Some think that he will even make it to the Men’s Olympic stage in the years to follow. He is perfecting his skill to achieve even more higher levels in the sport of racquetball. Sawyer Howitt is looking to be on the national rankings for this sport. He wants to put the game of racquetball on the map and make it one of the top sports in America. He is on his way there, for sure!


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