Paul Mampilly Empowers and Educates Investors with Profits Unlimited

Banyan Hill Publishing announced that the subscription-based Profits Unlimited has grown exponentially to over 60,000 subscribers in just one year. Profits Unlimited offers anyone willing to participate in the investment industry to do so with an empowering twist. Investors of all types receive the benefit of expertise and guidance from its founder Paul Mampilly. The award-winning Paul Mampilly, a veteran of Wall Street, soundly researches investment opportunities for emergent stock inclusive of a variety of market sectors and places them into a model portfolio that is tracked and updated weekly. Subscribers are then able to purchase from a buy list via individual brokerage accounts. Currently, eleven of thirteen stock options in Mampilly’s portfolio are trending upward in profitability.

Paul Mampilly has over 25 yeas of experience as a financial analyst, researcher, consultant, and portfolio manager for a variety of investor firms. In addition, he has authored and edited numerous financial investment newsletters. He is a well-versed financial professional with a proven record in the financial industry. Paul Mampilly is of such a caliber in the financial investment industry that his firm was selected by the John Templeton Foundation to participate in a portfolio competition in 2008. The Templeton Foundation issued grants of fifty million dollars to the participants to manage for one year. Only the best performing financial professionals are selected for this coveted opportunity. Despite the severe economic crisis occurring at that time Paul Mampilly undauntingly led his firm to victory by generating a gain of 76%. Click here to know more.

Paul Mampilly understands the value of giving back to the community. He has volunteered his time, energy, and expertise to several charitable entities. Organizations such as the Coalition for the Homeless, Inc., mentoring for Big Brothers and Big Sisters and educating youth about finance.


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