Psychotherapist and Stylist Patty Rocklage

Mrs. Patty Rocklage is an accomplished and experience marriage and family psychotherapist with a stunning career spanning for over 20 years. Her enthusiastic treatment model is chiefly directed towards assisting couples and families overcome their life struggles. Highly learned and skilled in her service delivery, Mrs. Rocklage graduated from the University of South Carolina in 1981, a training that has underlined most of her success in the practice.


Her penchant in participating in community outreach and capacity building activities has brought her to the limelight in the Sudbury town. Good in coaching, teaching, public speaking as well as team building, she’s been in regular and informed interaction with the Sudbury residents. With community outreach activities, hers is more than just mere participation in the community affairs. Together with her husband, Dr. Scott Rocklage, they have directed their effort and resources to giving back to the society in the most philanthropic manner.


Some of the Rocklage’s family initiatives have involved footing some of the renovation costs at the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology. They assisted in the costs required to renovate a nanochemistry and nanotechnology lab. Patty’s husband, Mr. Patty Rocklage, got his professional life and career at the MIT under Professor Richard R. Schrock- a Nobel Prize winner in the field of Chemistry. While it may seem obvious to give back to the same place that gave you a profession, it’s rare to come across a couple that is so determined to give back to the society.


The couple visited MIT together for a celebration of their major gift to help with the renovation of the Lester Wolfe of Chemistry, Moungi Bawendi’s Nanochemistry and the Nanotechnology lab space. The visit saw them granted a rare lifestyle acknowledgment. The institution put up a plaque in honor of both Patty and his husband in a colorful celebration that was calibrated with high profile speeches and appreciation talks.

What even fascinates most about Patty is how she adores a classy lifestyle, embracing a combination of modernity while at the same time keen to conserve the environment. She recently engaged Sudbury’s most designated construction company to see main renovation work in her home. Remarkable is how she stressed on the maintenance of a perfect landscape that conserves the surrounding home environment.



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