Discover Sam Tabar’s Top Investment Tips for 2015

As reported on capital strategist and Colombian Law School attorney Sam Tabar reveals investment tips for the new year. With 54% of consumers making financial resolutions for 2015 Sam is sharing a few nuggets of wisdom to help them navigate the complex world of investment securities.

One of the biggest suggestions Sam has for people entering the investment arena is to hold back on pumping up their portfolio with risky commodity trading. The reason for this suggestion lies in the fact that commodity trading is an extremely volatile market requiring a lot of research and investment know-how to be successful in. Instead Sam advises novice and casual investors to stick to more reliable markets such as the stock market or mutual funds.

Speaking of the stock market, Sam mentions that a great alternative to it is to invest in private businesses. Not only does this allow investors to profit relatively easily, it also gives them a chance to help out start-up entrepreneurs. Sam himself has invested in THINX, a women’s undergarment manufacturer that places a strong focus on social awareness. Currently THINX is helping out by supplying needy young women in Africa with sanitary supplies.

Sam also mentions that one of the most fundamental rules of investing is to not put all of your eggs in one basket. He says that while a certain investment may get hot and bring profit in the short term it can quickly fall back down. His final bit of advice is relatively simple and straightforward: the best time to start investing is now. Sam explains that waiting to invest isn’t helpful and can lead to regret when you reach your retirement years. Getting an early start not only leads to bigger long term profits, it also helps you to build your experience and make wiser investments as you go.

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