The Greeker The Better

Everyone has heard of the health benefits found in Greek yogurt to include high protein and probiotics. Daniel Amen is always stressing the importance of vitamin intake and many key vitamins can be found in Greek yogurt. In fact, Greek yogurt has become a billion dollar money maker in the USA alone. The strange thing is that many people do not like it, but, there is one person who is very fond of it and she is Maria Loi. Maria Loi is a author and chef, as well as a host for several television programs, which have aired in her homeland of Greece, as well as in the USA on PBS. In Ms. Loi’s opinion, Greek yogurt is much more than a breakfast choice. For Ms. Loi, this delicious find is a gold mine and it can be used in a variety of different ways from being a substitute for mayo and sour cream, as well as keeping her pie crusts super moist when used in place of butter.

In her most recent cookbook, the galloping gourmet promotes healthy recipes that are rich in Greek yogurt, olive oil and nuts. To much surprise, she even thinks Greek yogurt can be used as a beauty treatment. Now how is that for getting your money’s worth?


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