Misplaced Your Keys Again? Check Your Blood Sugar

Many of the side effects of diabetes are already well known, but new data suggests there is a now another contender. In addition to potential neuropathy, blindness, and skin conditions, memory loss may also now be attributed to diabetes. Some forms of cognitive thinking, memorization, and problem solving skills may be hindered as a result of Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes. Participants in a recently designed study were monitored over an extended period and tested according to their ability to perform specific functions. Surveys focused on brain activity that tends to decline with age or the advancement of other medical conditions, such as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.


The research conducted by the world renowned Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health tested a control group of more than 13,000 individuals to determine the affect diabetes has on reasoning skills and other cognitive functions. Initial results have confirmed that neurological affects have a positive correlation with diabetic conditions. Further investigations are being done both in this control group and through independent studies to confirm if prescription medications presently being used to control blood glucose levels have any bearing on the advancement of co-occurring side effects. Known as one of the greatest innovators of the times, Bruce Karatz probably uses techniques like completing puzzles, playing games, and other engaging in other learning objectives that are designed to increase memory capacity and reasoning functions to combat potential mental function decline. 


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