Autism And Genetics

The population of people affected by Autism is stupendously increasing and now newly published research has revealed a strong genetic component.
People affected by autism often display different symptoms or behaviors. Some people with the diagnosis appear awkward but fully integrated into society with passing grades in their classes and/or fully functioning members of society with jobs and responsibilities. While others, more several affected, are non-communicative, display anti-social behavior and basic living skills tend to be difficult to accomplish. This has lead researchers to question why such a broad spectrum of severity.
New studies have taken genetics and identified people with autism through there DNA results, rather than their apparent symptoms. As a result, research identified more than 200 mutated genes linked to autism and have been able to begin the process of further testing, evaluating, and monitoring in hopes of finding a common link.
While scientists all agree there are more questions than answers, they all concur finding a genetic link has enabled progression in understanding, providing treatment, and possibly some day, preventing autism.


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