The Color of Your Urine Could Be Key to Your Health

The color of your urine could be telling you something. Did you know that foamy urine could mean you have a kidney problem? Or that orange urine could mean you aren’t drinking enough water?

It is important, however, that if you notice any significant change in your urine that you let your doctor know. It could mean more than you think. A change in urine color can be attributed to different causes. Medication and vitamins for instance, are things that can cause a change in urine color. Other changes can indicate pathologies, and Ben Shaoul points to these examples:

Clear – You are drinking a lot of water.
Light Yellow Urine – You are normal and well hydrated.
Dark Yellow – Amber – Honey – You are very likely fine but starting to become dehydrated.
Syrup/Brown Ale – You could have liver disease.

The list goes on in this study about urine that was conducted by the Cleveland Clinic. They joke about purple urine and say that it doesn’t exist. The Mayo Clinic study disagrees and says it is indicative of pathology as well.  There are more definitive tests your doctor can conduct to determine just was causing the discoloration of your urine.


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