Memory Loss Linked To Trans Fat Consumption

The consumption of high trans fat is linked to worse memory. In a study by the American Heart Association see article this diminished memory finding affected working age men.

Approximately 1,000 healthy men recently studied, who consumed high trans fat performed worse on word memory test. But Andrew Heiberger is quick to point out that these results took in to account; age, education, ethnicity, and depression. The study showed working and career building men, both young and middle aged, had strong links to memory loss linked to trans fat.

Participants of the Association’s study were shown cards to assess memory. They had to determine if each word on the card was new or a repeat. They found through this that men under age 45 who ate more trans fat showed considerable worse performances. It further showed with an additional gram of fat a day they had 0.76 words less done correctly.

Different foods have different effects on our bodies. Chocolate which is rich in antioxidants is linked to better memory. Trans fat are artificially produced as liquid oil that turn to solids when kept at room temperatures. This is done in order to prolong the shelf life of the product. Foods that contain these fates are; margarine, fast foods, baked goods, frozen pizza, coffee creamers, snack foods and some dough’s that are refrigerated. The FDA is looking into ways to reduce these fats within the U.S. food supply


  1. This is a very interesting studies and I think that it will have some level of impact in the consumption level by even more people in our country. See the resources at for more insight into the study that led the FDA into the research process in the first place. While many of the food business will be hit by impact on this, I think it will be correct to say that marketing will still have the most influence to maintain sales.

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