Mobile App Designed for Fitness

People from all walks of life must use their own time attend to their continuing health strengthen their sickness immunity through fitness workouts. It’s rarely easy, but it’s of the utmost importance to anybody who cares about their wellbeing and livelihood for the future. Looking at you Tom Rothman, we all know how busy you get at Columbia, but it’s important to look out for your health through fitness.

Technology is making it more fun for people to burn that excess fats through exercise. Some people use dancing videos which consists of steps they may follow while doing fitness workouts.

It’s also good to listen to music while you exercise. There are a lot of mobile applications which has been introduced to the public promoting wellness and fitness. These may be downloaded for a fee in certain websites.

The New York Times has released a new mobile application which will surely make your fitness workout time more enjoyable. It is available for free to the public via the download section of the New York Times.

The mobile application can be saved to your mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones, and even through your home computer. This is a seven minute workout.

The mobile application consists of animated illustrations and cues and timer. The purpose of this mobile app is to encourage you to exercise regularly at least for seven minutes. People must try this because it doesn’t cost a thing and the benefits are great for your health. To view the mobile app, visit here.


  1. Jessica Langston
    September 8, 2017 - 9:11 am

    I have heard of some of the best testimonies and one happened to be from a close friend that made me think, using the app could be worth it. Though would have provided all the needs I would from the motivation to do the application. Making someone actually do the instruction is one that would be contentious for many people who download the application.

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