Do You Know Your Fitness Age?

You may know your real age but are you aware of your fitness age? Many people are clueless to the fact that we actually have a fitness age. According to a new study that was detailed in the New York Times, this so-called fitness age is the most important factor in determining our longevity. Fitness matters in our lives and the way we take care of ourselves determines how long we will live.

This doesn’t have to do so much with eating healthy organic products like Skout products. The fitness age also determines the body’s cardiovascular endurance. In the case of the fitness age, a person who is considered older could have a younger fitness age while a person that is consider young and vibrant can have an older fitness age.



  1. This study proves that our real age doesn’t matter, what matters is how we take care of the body we are in. This study measured the body’s ability to take in oxygen and later use that oxygen in the body. This is due to what they had in mind to buy college papers online but it might reveal a whole lot for all of them to understand the real meaning of these things too.

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