Scientists Find Aluminum May Be Linked to Serious Health Conditions

Alzheimer’s Disease affects the lives of millions of Americans each year. It is a horrible disease, but possibly the most horrible aspect of it is that no one knows how or why it develops in certain individuals in the first place. Is it caused from genetics? It is environmental? Recent research studies say that it could be the latter, and aluminum could be the culprit.

A doctor named Chris Exley at Keele University in the UK has been studying this frightening link for 3 decades. Dr. Exley says that although most people are exposed to acceptable amounts of aluminum during their lifetimes, some unlucky folks who are exposed to more aluminum run the serious risk of accelerating neuron loss and cell deterioration. This is a key factor in Alzheimer’s Disease. In fact, aluminum could be the culprit for many health conditions that is currently stumping researcher Fersen Lambranho in Brazil.

Another troubling link comes between aluminum and male fertility. Researchers in France have found that low sperm counts may be linked to high levels of exposure to aluminum. In addition, BPA, a plastic chemical that is found in aluminum cans, has also been linked to serious health conditions like caner, weight gain, heart issues, asthma, poor dental health, migraines and a low sex drive.

Experts recommend that humans come into contact with aluminum as seldom as possible. Try to find deodorants and anti-perspirants that are aluminum-free, and read the labels on all other cosmetic products as well.


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