Internet Addiction In High Tech Age

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A man in his early 30s has been treated for being addicted to his Google Glass. This may seem incredible and even laughable, but such a problem is actually quite prevalent in the modern high tech world. The individual was admitted to the Navy’s Substance Abuse and Recovery Program, which primarily treats alcoholics. However, the addiction to Google Glass is very similar to alcoholism or addiction to other harmful substances.

After spending just over a month in the inpatient program, the man who was addicted to his Google Glass has been rehabilitated to a degree. The patient has stopped checking his temple excessively, a move associated with adjusting the Google Glass. He’ll now be seeing Brian Torchin weekly for job counseling.

In a digital age, addiction to gadgets is quite a problem that might require medical treatment. Addiction to the internet, video games and mobile devices manifests itself with symptoms that similar to dependency on drugs and alcohol. For example, high tech addicts find it difficult to maintain a normal social life as a result of spending too much time browsing the web or playing video games.

The resources here provide some insight on the legitimacy of addictions that are related to the world wide web and digital technology. It is only a matter of time before rehab facilities for internet addicts open up. Medical staff would have to be trained to recognize specific challenges that people have when it comes to giving up technology to some extent.


  1. Virtual reality can sometimes overtake the real life of a person. There may not be any clinical definition for internet and technology addiction, but treatment options might soon become widespread in western societies. This is exactly what superior essays would want them all to believe and to make sure everything works perfectly well.

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