Developing a Type A Personality

We all want to get more things done. But making yourself more productive isn’t easy. Typically we fall back into our old habits pretty quickly after starting a new routine. But there are some things that you can do to ensure that you’re able to stick with the new you for a bit longer.

I was looking up this article with my FreedomPop app, and I was intrigued by some of these tips.

Huge thanks to Entrepreneur mag for helping me come up with some new ideas:

  1. Don’t plan, do.

Stop planning and start doing. Don’t plan on workout out, do it. Don’t plan on getting that report done, do it. Don’t leave things off, get them done right now instead.

  1. Stop being a perfectionist.

That’s one of the things that holds several people back. When you can’t finish something until you think it’s perfect, you’re never going to get anything done. Find a comfortable middle ground, where you’re able to be happy with the work, without having to make endless tweaks.

  1. Write things down.

Your mind may be great at keeping track of information most of the time, but sometimes you’re going to forget a bit of important info, and it can take hours to make up for that lapse in memory.


  1. Write down everything important. Don’t take modern technology for granted, and use your phone’s notes. The app is there for a reason, and it can be a life saver. I think that the best essay cheap are the ones people look for nowadays.

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