Don’t Hack Your Hair Off — Check These Hair Hacks First

It never fails. I become angry with my hair one day, have it hacked off, then immediately regret doing so. From this point forward, I am going to check with Wengie’s hair hacks before I resort to scissors

If it’s frizz causing the problems, Wengie offered several remedies that will certainly make you love your hair again. Conditioning (of course) is key, so she shared her favorite hair vitamins that come in a yummy chewy form. Many of us take multivitamins or specific vitamins for other things, but there are actually nutrients that really have a positive affect on hair. Another anti-frizz hack left me knocking my head, thinking “why didn’t I think of that?” We use dryer sheets for our laundry for softness and static control so, naturally they have the same effect on our hair. Wengie punched the bristles of her hair brush through a dryer sheet and created an anti-static brush. Genius!


Do you sometimes lose patience waiting for your hair to grow out longer? This hack doesn’t literally make your hair longer, but it does make it appear longer. If one ponytail is good, two are better. Wengie made two ponytails, one high and one at the nape, creating a rear view of much longer hair.


There are a couple hacks that help us avoid the damage we often unknowingly inflict upon our own hair. I believe we all know that bare elastics will fray our hair, but if you lose your soft hair ties, Wengie shows how to make a cross-section slice of the leg of pantyhose which beautifully creates a soft, stretchy hair tie.


From home made hair masks to nipping split ends to a couple uses for your toothbrush, Wengie has cornered the market on hair hacks. Simple, creative and really effective hacks are a mouse click away.


Hussain Sajwani is a UAE-based Prominent Real Estate Investor

Hussain Sajwani is a business executive from the United Arab Emirates. Sajwani is also the founder and the manager of DAMAC Group. He has a net worth of $ 3.8 billion and currently resides in Dubai with his family. Sajwani was listed number 572 among the richest men in the world. His company, DAMAC Properties, is also one of the most profitable business entities in the world.

Sajwani’s early life and businesses

Sajwani spent part of his youth in the United States. While in the U.S, he obtained a degree in economics from the University of Washington. After graduation, Sajwani took up a job at GASCO as a contracts manager. A few years later, Sajwani launched his company, Draieh Management Services, which is today called DAMAC Group. This company was established as a catering firm. It has operations in North Africa, the Middle East, Europe, and the Far East. DAMAC Group once sold its stock worth $500 million to the London Stock Exchange. In 2014, DAMAC Group launched its IPO and registered a net worth of $4 billion. Sajwani owns 85 percent of this company.

Sajwani later established DICO Invest, a private equity firm that pioneers in growth capital, restructuring, takeovers, buyouts, and early stage ventures. Sajwani also founded Al Jazeira Services, which is now worth millions of dollars. His other businesses include Al Anwar Ceramic Tiles Co, a tile manufacturing company based in Oman. Sajwani has shares in Global Logistics Services, Al Jazeira Services, Al Atilia Insurance Company, and Taiba Kuwait Holding Company. He has also served on various boards such as Majan University College Board and the Emirates Takaful Company.

Sajwani’s relationship with President Trump

Sajwani and President Donald Trump are long-term business partners. Aside from business, they are good friends. According to reports by media houses, Trump attended a 2016 New Year’s Eve party at Sajwani’s home in Florida. Sajwani was also spotted at president’s Trump Inauguration ceremony early this year. They collaborated in developing the golf course community in Dubai, the Trump Estates, and AKOYA. With Trump taking a break from family business, Sajwani will continue to work with his children who know their way around the family businesses.

Cue Up For Your Vacation – Best Pool Stick for Traveling


If you’re heading off on a vacation and are an avid pool player, you’re probably going to want to ‘try to run a few tables‘ during your trip. Plus, everyone wants the best photographs of the special experience. Here is an excellent camera and a pool cue to take on your next getaway, which will also save on baggage fees.

Best Travel Pool Stick

Seasoned pool players know how frustrating it is to shoot with a house stick. You need the best pool stick, and something you’re definitely familiar with. However, taking a pool stick with you on vacation can be more challenging than packing your clothes. You don’t want your cue to get damaged in your luggage, plus you’re reluctant to pay extra baggage fees.
Buying a pool stick that breaks down into multiple pieces is a solution. When the stick divides into more than just two pieces, it fits in a smaller carrying case. A smaller carrying case will meet TSA carry on requirements and pool sticks are now permitted.
Having a 5-piece break down will make the case small enough to bring on a plane. If you choose the McDermott Stinger, you’ll sacrifice nothing off your game.  You’ll be ready to hit the beach with the best surf brands by day, and go back to the bar with your high level pool stick by night.

Best Travel Camera

One great feature on the Stinger pool stick case, is a convenient little pouch where you can slip a small camera. The Ricoh Theta S will slide right in the pocket. Not only will you have one of the highest quality 360° camera models available, you’ll also have that special cue stick safe and snug under your seat.
When you head off for your vacation, take your favorite pool stick and a camera worthy of those special photographs you’ll want. Combining the Ricoh Theta S and the Stinger stick into one travel bag puts both options right in the palm of your hand.

Bruce Levenson Has Been Named In A Lawsuit On Behalf Of The Atlanta Hawks

Though Bruce Levenson is no longer the owner of the Atlanta Hawks, he remains in the spotlight of the Atlanta Hawk franchise. A lawsuit was recently filed by the owners of the Hawks during the administration of Bruce Levenson.

The lawsuit filed by the previous Atlanta Hawks owners is against the New Hampshire Insurance Company. The company that previously owned the Atlanta Hawks were customers of the New Hampshire Insurance Company. The two entities had a good and long lasting relationship.

However, Bruce Levenson and the previous owners put forth a claim for insurance coverage on certain team situations. The situations that occurred within the team were things like termination on false grounds, certain trade deals, and daily issues at the workplace. The claim put in by Bruce Levenson and his team was never answered. Levenson and his associates assumed the claim was just taking longer than normal. However, they were then formally informed that they were not covered for termination on false grounds, certain trade deals, or even daily issues at the workplace.

Bruce Levenson and his associates could not believe the report from the New Hampshire Insurance Company, especially with all the monthly payments made by the Atlanta Hawks ownership. At this point Bruce Levenson and his associates decided to file a lawsuit. They then agreed to sell the Hawks; this way they do not get any of the players involved in the lawsuit.

Bruce Levenson, nor his associates or legal team, has released the amount of money that is being asked for in the lawsuit. Though the lawsuit is indeed a civil matter, the attorneys for both parties agreed to keep the case sealed; this is mainly due to all the sensitive information contained within the case. In a report by Forbes, some skeptics believe Levenson is going to ask for a full reimbursement of all funds. Other skeptics say Levenson is going to ask for several million dollars. However, nothing has been released as of yet.

Bruce Levenson was the owner of the Atlanta Hawks for several years, but sold them in 2012. Levenson was not just the man who singed the paychecks. Levenson made sure the team was legit and strong. That is why the Hawks made it to the playoffs every year while Levenson was the owner.

Bruce Levenson is a legit businessman with a great education. He has owned several different organizations like the UCG throughout the course of his life. Levenson also known how to handle big contracts that stretch to billions of dollars.

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OSI Group: The Hub Of Innovative Food Solutions

OSI Group is a global distributor of processed food such as beef, poultry, pork, fish, dough, and vegetables. The company has been operational for the last ten decades and is headquartered in Illinois.

It conducts value addition to processed foods. OSI Group develops food products that match with the preference of each client. Currently, this company is the largest private food supplier in the world. OSI Group maintains high standards of food safety and quality assurance practices.

Employment at OSI Group

OSI Group is one of the top employers in the world. It has over 20,000 staff members in various work categories scattered in its 65 plants. OSI Group is a staunch believer that its employees contribute significantly to the company’s success. Therefore, it provides a better work environment endowed with rewarding and challenging opportunities that are meant to motivate its staff. For years, OSI Group has been hiring passionate individuals who share the same vision as the company. The company accommodates its employee’s ideas and offers them numerous chances to explore their full potential. Sheldon Lavin is the head of OSI Group. Lavin manages day-to-day operations of the firm.

OSI Group capabilities

OSI Group provides products based on the customer’s needs and specifications. It offers food engineering, quality assurance capabilities, food processing, food supply, and R&D capabilities. The ability of the firm to deliver the high-quality products and services is what makes it unique. OSI Group has a skilled workforce and the technology required to meet the supply demands. Additionally, the company’s facilities are fitted with labs to ensure food safety standards are met.

The company’s sustainability protocols

OSI Group provides activities that impact positively on the world. These results are achieved through enhancing sustainable relationships with environment and communities. OSI Group manages its business within the socio-economic and environmental frameworks. The firm builds a good rapport with the community by engaging in activities such as employee development, animal welfare, charity events at the community level, waste management, and proper agricultural practices. OSI Group has won several awards under the sustainability category, including the Sword of Honor Award and the Employee Health & Safety Awards.

Equities First’s Genius Way of Lending

Equities First Holding is a financial institution that offers alternative lending solutions to businesses and high net-worth individuals. It was founded in 2002 by Al Christy Jr. who currently is also the CEO. Over the years, Equity First has done over seven hundred transactions across the world; and have nine global agencies including in United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Australia, and Singapore. The firm has top financial professionals in the market to ensure that it runs to its full potential.

Equities First Holding provides a different way of giving loans by using stock as collateral for the loan; now that lending rates are high companies prefer using share to borrow hence coming to Equity. It has transferred more than 1.4 billion dollars to date; as time goes, this kind of transaction is becoming standard for businesses and individuals with high net-worth.To qualify for the loan, Equity has to value the shares of the company and determine how much money the shares can act as the collateral, then if both companies agree, the company that is lending signs the agreement then the stock is transferred to the custodian.The money is transferred at the same time the stock is transferred. Finally, Equities First Holding will return the collateral once the interest payment is paid in full as agreed on earlier and the entire principal amount is returned.

In October 2016, ANGLE plc finalized the exchange of 1.35 million shares with Equities First Holding; ANGLE received stock as part of collateral of Equities acquiring Meridian Equity Partners. This is just one of the companies that Equities has done business with, there are many others. The attractive part of doing business with Equities First is that incase the share value increases when the stock is being used as collateral the borrower will get back the stock at its present market value. Equity First Holding has a smart way of lending that many organization and individuals will prefer if they try it out.


JeanMarie Guenot – A Successful Pharmaceutical Business Executive


JeanMarie Guenot is a successful business executive and leader in the pharmaceutical industry, she’s also on LinkedIn. Jeanmarie is based in San Francisco Bay Area. JeanMarie Guenot has served previously in various organizations including SKS Ocular, LLC; Guenot LLC, sand PDL BioPharma. JeanMarie Guenot has worked in a range of private and public pharmaceutical R&D, business development, corporate and commercial development, project and alliance management, as well as venture capital. She attended University of Pennsylvania – The Wharton School (1999-2001) where she pursued an MBA. She offers more than twenty years of experience in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry.


JeanMarie has accumulated an invaluable experience in building and rebuilding of companies and has served in a variety of the leading therapeutic organizations. The most experience was acquired while working in SKS Ocular as a key operating officer in ophthalmology. JeanMarie is the founder and partner as well as the first employee of SKS Ocular, LLC. She worked in SKS Ocular from 2009 to 2012; where, she focused on dry AMD, glaucoma therapeutics, sustained release ocular agent delivery systems, ocular inflammation, and macular degeneration.


She was the managing partner of Guenor, LLC, from 2008 to 2009 and Vice President in Corporate and Business Development at PDL BioPharma from 2003 to 2008; where she led mergers, licensing and acquisitions. Jeanmarie’s website indicates moreover, she is a former associate of life sciences in Atlas Venture from 2000 to 2003 and a team leader in preclinical R&D at Hoffman-La Roche from 1993 to 1999; where she acted as an advisor. She holds a Ph.D. from the University of California, San Francisco (1987 to 1993).


While serving as a Preclinical Research and Development Principle Investigator at Hoffmann-La Roche, she led the discovery of various therapeutic agents for the management of inflammation, metabolic diseases, oncology and autoimmune diseases. She has recently, facilitated for acceptance by the US FDA for Amphivena Therapeutics, Inc. of a new drug – AMV564 for clinical trials. AMV will hence proceed to Phase I trials in which the issues such as drug safety, pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetic will be explored. AMV564 is a novel drug that is associated with properties such as tetravalency, bi-specific TandAb antibody characteristics that have a potential to revolutionize cancer therapy.

Jeanmarie Guenot is on a mission to develop a cure to cancer, and her Amphivena leadership team reflects that.

Equities First Holdings reacts to increased customer demands for Equity Loans

Is your business in need of a financial boost? Alternatively, are you an individual holding a high net worth, seeking some capital? Equities First is waiting for you, to assist you to realize your business and personal financial goals. Equities First offers various lending solutions for you to keep your business afloat. The multinational company has you covered from your remote location, thanks to its global reach. It specializes in securities lending.

Do you want to know why Equities First should be your primary financial consultant? It has been in operation for the last 15 years. It understands the existing and emerging business and market trends. Equities First is therefore in a perfect position to offer first-hand information to help grow your business. It has recorded more than 700 successful transactions, and it is no doubt that Equities First is your solution provider. It has nine global offices.We all want a customized treatment whenever we visit a financial solution provider. Equities First offers more than this. It is a highly focused firm that operates on one deal at a time resulting to perfection. Are you an investor? You will benefit from Equities First from the tailored transactions that enable your business to access funds more readily.

Lately, Equities First has been experiencing more client demands for stock-based loans. This came up as a result of tightened lending standards from financial institutions especially banks. Equities First offers stock-based loans to cater for the needs of clients who cannot raise capital speedily or do not qualify for other marginal loans. The stock-based loans are beneficial in that they have a fixed interest rate and attract a high loan-to-value ratio, of 50-75 % against 10-50 % for marginal loans.

Stock-based loans will be of benefit to your business because your spending is not restricted. At Equities First you will reap maximum benefits at lower risks. The firm is strict on legal obligations and operates with transparency and integrity. First Equities Holding has all your business financial needs catered for. It offers you 24 hours of response time. Interest rates average between 3 to 4 %. This is a great chance for you to grow your business, isn’t it?


Penelope Kokkinides and Rick Shinto Transform InnovaCare Health To A New Entity

Healthcare is a vital sector that matters a lot to the government and its people. There has to be structures that are dedicated to building the healthcare sector to ensure it is streamlined enough to accommodate the many needs that the populace presents to the government. One of the methods used to make it easy to manage healthcare is having private companies get into the process of providing some services. This creates competition and in the process the quality of these services improves.

This is the idea that was presented through the Medicare Advantage program and several companies jumped into the mix to take advantage of the many changes that came with the introduction of the program. One of the companies that entered into the industry and made an impact is InnovaCare Health, a dedicated healthcare services provider based in Puerto Rico.

InnovaCare Health was struggling to beat the challenges present in the industry and it struggled to move from this position for several years until its leadership was reshuffled to include highly experienced and creative individuals. One of the individuals who entered into the company during this phase is Rick Shinto, who currently holds and executive position as the CEO and President of the company.

Rick Shinto

Rick Shinto is the brain behind the development of a new and reliable network for InnovaCare Health that allows the company to seamlessly manage its affairs. He is one of the most respected individuals in the leadership of InnovaCare Health and this is so because of the great changes he helped to instill into the company.

When he joined InnovaCare Health in 2012, he had worked at Aveta Inc., as the President and CEO. His experience also includes working at MedPartners and several government agencies in the healthcare industry. Rick Shinto, owing to the massive skills he has gained over time, has been contributing through journals and articles to the development of the healthcare industry. His research has helped to address concerns about the quality of healthcare services and the processes that should be used to manage the system.

Penelope Kokkinides

Having served at several other companies at an executive position, Penelope Kokkinides gained a great deal of experience that places him at a perfect position to handle the many challenges that come with working at InnovaCare Health as the chief administrator. She is the brain behind the installation of the new service delivery system that is efficient and cheaper to run. Check her catalogs on

Learn more about her interview on Ideamensch.

Oncotarget; a Renowned medical journal publisher

As for today, we will focus our attention towards the research carried out in the field of medicine. In medicine, research is done day in day out. The research carried out often leads to the discovery of various concepts. Since we are focusing our attention towards Oncotarget, we will then discuss further the areas that have been of interest to the journal publisher. Also, it is good to note that every publisher must have an editor. In the case of Oncotarget, the editor is none other than Andrei V. Gudkov working hand in hand with Mikhail V. Blagosklonny. With Mikhail V. Blagosklonny as a monitoring editor, Oncotarget is lucky to have such a renowned scientist in their team, particularly because Mikhail V. Blagosklonny is among the leading researchers when it comes to studies about cancer.

To start with, we can see that it is evident that knowledge in the field of medicine has incurred a major increase. The knowledge gained in the particular area has been accumulated in sectors such as oncoproteins, signal transduction, oncogenes, tumor suppressors, and cellular responses such as response to heat shock, cellular processes, dysfunction and function of organ and cell systems as well as intercellular based interactions. The areas that have been mentioned are of particular interest when it comes to research about cancer. When a research is carried out, it is always converted from the hard research to clinical studies. As a result of the translation, medical journals can be published depending on the particular areas of interest. Furthermore, translation of raw research to clinical research eases the publication of the knowledge among the various disciplines when it comes to medicine. Read more about the journal at

Since the research gathered is collected together, in the various fields of medicine, various forms of treatment for cancer have been identified. Though the forms of treatment are specifically for different diseases, they have also been found useful when it comes to fighting cancer. Such treatments are often referred to as anti-cancer agents. They are known as anti-cancer agents since the studies have revealed that the drugs have elements that counter cancerous attack cells in the body. An example of such a drug is such as anti-epileptic and anti-malarial drugs.

So, we can see that Oncotarget together with Mikhail V. Blagosklonny is achieving their primary agenda which is trying to learn more about cancer. At Oncotarget, many journals have been published. In case, you may feel tempted to know more about medicine, precisely when it comes to cancer, feel free to access their published journals. The research carried out is sure of the high standard, just because Mikhail V. Blagosklonny the monitoring editor is the leading research scientist when it comes to cancer.