A Look At The Role David McDonald Plays At OSI Group

David McDonald is a business executive who works for OSI Group, one of the largest food processing company in the world. He is a member of the 1987 graduating class of Iowa State University, earning a bachelor of science degree in animal science. He joined OSI Group right out of college and swiftly moved up the ladder. He is now the Chief Operating Officer and president making him the second highest executive at OSI Group.

OSI Group is a global food supplier with facilities in 17 different nations. Its customers are both retail brands and restaurant chains for it provides value-added food products. They have a global supply chain and due to their scale they can buy superior food at good prices. Due to his role at OSI Group David McDonald oversees this company’s business operations. One task he recently completed was upgrading his company’s Spanish facility. This facility supplies food to restaurants in both Spain and Portugal and has seen a big uptick in the demand for chicken over the past decade.
He approved spending €17 million which doubled the amount of chicken they can process, going from 12,000 tons to 24,000 tons due to installing a new high-production line.

When OSI Group expands in an international market it usually does so by either acquiring another company in the industry or it starts a joint venture with another firm. 2016 was a busy year for acquisitions. David McDonald handled the negotiations to buy two European companies in that year, Baho Food and Flagship Europe. He also handled the negotiations for buying a Tyson Food plant in Chicago that was in the process of being shut down. Additionally, he oversaw the opening of a new facility in the Philippines which is being run by OSI Group’s joint venture there, GenOSI.

In May 2018 OSI Group completed a merger with Turi Foods in Australia that David McDonald handled. The new company is called Turosi Pty. Ltd. which is now based in Thomaston, Victoria. He said this company now supplies restaurants, grocery stores, butcher shops, specialty chicken stores, and outlets that sell roasted chicken.

Jeremy Goldstein Hosts A Philanthropic Dinner To Support Fountain House

Jeremy Goldstein is a law practitioner in New York, and together with two of his friends, Omar Khan and Jim Finkel, they organized a high-end dinner party with the aim of fundraising for Fountain House, a facility in New York that helps mental health victims recover.

The tickets to the event were retailing at $3700 and 100% of the collection was given to the Fountain. The event took place in the Nomad Hotel’s Roof deck,with food being served at 7:30 pm accompanied with a premier line up of wine vintages.

The philanthropic lawyer holds a J.D from the University of New York school of law and has a B.A in all subjects from Cornel University. Jeremy Goldstein also has an M.A from the University of Chicago.

He operates his own Law Firm in New York called the Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates LLC. He has been part of the Fountain House board since 2010 and together with his team, they have pushed the center to achieve immeasurable success.

The house that offers shelter and community-based services to its registered members has now over 300 locations in 30 different countries. They have won the Conrad Humanitarian award and have been applauded by iconic people in the medical field the likes of Loree Sutton. Learn more about Jeremy:  https://www.quora.com/profile/Jeremy-Goldstein-20 and https://www.slideshare.net/JeremyGoldstein14/22nd-annual-naspp-presentation-2014

The fountain house administration advocates for teamwork so that all the members can have a chance to learn new skills, create lasting relationships and hit their goals. The administration also pushes for initiatives that have improved the living standards of people by getting its members jobs with good pay.

Fountain house has dedicated 2 acres of their land in New Jersey for farming and has employed most of its members in the plantation. Besides shelter and employment, services like education, health and fitness schemes and counseling are also made available for the members.

Medical Professional Brian Torchin

Brian Torchin is an experienced medical professional, an author, entrepreneur, and leader having a twelve-year experience in the health sector. He recently serves as the Chief Executive Officer in his privately owned healthcare that deals with staffing and consulting services.

Torchin went to the University of Delaware and got his Bachelor’s Degree majoring in Exercise Science. He later started his career and along the path moved on to become a chiropractor. Brian took chiropractor classes at the New York Chiropractic College where he acquired knowledge that enabled him to start a private practice in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania which was his hometown. He served for several years in the health sector but later decided to shift his career into the entrepreneurial field and explore other opportunities. Read this article at digitaljournal.com about Brian Torchin

It was in 2007 that Brian Torchin decided to do both the medical practices alongside his self-taught business savvy and was able to open an HCRC Staffing. HCRC serves as a major recruiting and consulting organization that was started to offer services to the people and is based in Philadelphia. The firm has seen significant developments over time thanks to the founder’s great hard work and believed in the business industry. The firm serves both the local providers as well as fifty other states and various countries in different continents. The goal of the company has always been to be the connector of health care providers from many parts of the world with the job industry. The customer reach of the company goes to having over two hundred customers internationally which is excellent evidence that the firm has made significant development strides.

Brian also serves as an active blogger and has explored this skill in using the social media platforms to get promotions of his private business and gaining the proper credibility in the sector. Some of the social media platforms that Brian takes advantage of with his Blogs are Facebook and Twitter. You can also find extra professional details about him on LinkedIn. He makes sure that each of these platforms is relevant information about the nature and current state of the medical sector, problems faced by the healthcare providers at large as well as the job opportunities which is helpful to the job seekers. View: http://ireport.cnn.com/docs/DOC-1098173


Peter Briger; Leading Fortress Investment Group to Successful Ventures

Peter Briger; Leading Fortress Investment Group to Successful Ventures

Peter Briger also known as Pete to his friends has had a successful career in the sector of financial services. With that said, following his past experiences, he co-founded Fortress Investment Group. As of now, he is the President and Co-Chairman of Fortress Credit Corporation. Besides, Bridger also serves in various positions in diverse organizations and institutions such as the head of credit and real estate business at Fortress Investment Group LLC. There, he has been its co-chairman of the board of directors since August 2009. He also serves as the co-chief executive officer at the firm since December 2017.


Over and above, Briger is the director of Tipping Point and Princeton University Investment Company, and Hospital for Special Surgery Inc. Prior to joining Fortress, Briger spent 15 years at Goldman Sachs & Co. He became a partner in 1996. During his career at Goldman Sachs, he held different positions such as the co-head of Whole Loan Sales and Trading business, Fixed Income Principal Investments Group, Distressed Debt business and Asian Real Estate Private Equity business. In addition, Briger was an advisor to International Finance Corporation on matters related to distressed debt. He served as a member of advisory board at Linktone Ltd.


As a leader, Peter Briger has an impressive educational background. He earned his MBA from the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania and a B.A. from Princeton. After which he and two other Princeton ex-students went on to establish the Princeton Alumni Entrepreneurs Fund PAEF. PAEF provides alumni with the resources they need to start or further their businesses while encouraging innovation and creativity thus encouraging an entrepreneurial culture among students and ex-students.

The Observation

There is always more room for success in the world. Therefore, it is no surprise that Mr. Peter Briger made his way to the list of billionaires and ended up gaining a spot on the Forbes billionaire list. According to the list, Mr.Briger is number 962. This defines his success not only as an entrepreneur but as a successful leader in the world of financial services. As Fortress Investment Group moves under the umbrella of Softbank Group, he retains his position as a co-principal. Gift From Alumni Supports Princeton Entrepreneurship


Whitney Wolfe Stands Strong Against Backlash Of Bumble’s Ban On Gun Images

The founder and chief executive officer of the dating app Bumble, says that a decision to ban images of guns on the app following the shooting that took place at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, to cause many users to grow quite angry with her and the company. So much so, that police was needed at the company’s office for a number of weeks after the ban.

Wants to be one with nature, but has conference calls

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Ms. Wolfe, while recently speaking with Joanna Coles of Hearst Magazine, says that she has personally received a bunch of threatening emails that contained vulgar words and images and that her staff has been harassed repeatedly.

Whitney Wolfe explained that not all within the ranks at Bumble were happy with the decision but despite that fact she is confident in the stance she has taken. The passion Ms. Wolfe feels for the matter is obvious when she explains that the romanticizing of a weapon that costs so many people there lives for no reason is not in line with the brand values of her company.

Ms. Wolfe previously worked for Tinder where she was the vice-president of marketing. Her time at Tinder did not end on happy terms as she was forced to file both discrimination and sexual harassment charges against the company. After settling the dispute for an undisclosed amount, Whitney Wolfe set out to begin a dating platform of her own that would be female-friendly and disallow the normal abuse and harassment associated with dating sites.

In two years time, the vision Whitney Wolfe had for her company may have even exceeded her own confident expectations and the company grew to include 10 million users of their app.

About Whitney Wolfe

Whitney Wolfe is a 28-year-old entrepreneur from Austin, Texas with a successful background in marketing. The company has exploded with growth and Ms. Wolfe was named to the 30 Most Important Women Under 30 list by Business Insider magazine.

Wolfe was also named as Elle’s woman in tech and a top 15 Female Entrepreneur to watch out for and has been featured on Fast Company, Forbes, and Wired UK.

Whitney Wolfe’s Social Media: twitter.com/whitwolfeherd?lang=en

Wes Edens: Fortress Investment Group Co-Founder And Sports Team Owner

American businessman Wes Edens is the co-founder of the private equity firm Fortress Investment Group. He’s also the chairman of Nationstar Mortgage and Springleaf Financial Services, two subprime lenders for home equity mortgages. Edens is also the co-owner of the National Basketball Association team the Milwaukee Bucks. Plus, he’s also the owner of FlyQuest in the national professional video-gaming e-sports competition League of Legends. The hedge fund manager and private equity investor has enjoyed great success in his business endeavors and is now a billionaire. Wes Edens’ educational background is in business and finance. He attended Oregon State University and graduated in 1984 with a bachelor’s degree in business administration and finance.

Three years later, Wes Edens began his business career working with Lehman Brothers. He spent six years there becoming a partner as well as managing director. In 1993, Edens left Lehman Brothers and became managing director and partner at Blackrock Asset Investors, the private equity division of Blackrock. He remained with the company until 1997 when he left to start Fortress Investment Group. When Wes Edens founded Fortress Investment Group with Randal Nardone and Robert Kauffman in 1998, the company’s focus was on private equity. However, the firm soon added alternative investments to their services and brought in Peter Briger and Michael Novogratz to handle the new divisions.

After the five principles took Fortress Investment Group public in in 2006, The Wall Street Journal wrote an article in 2007 that described the investment style of Wes Edens as a knack for using investments to build businesses combined with creative financing and contrarian bets. Wes Edens, who has four children with his wife Lynn, has an estimated annual “take-home pay” of $54.4 million. The Montana native has a net worth of about $2.5 billion and the Forbes billionaire list had him ranked at number 369 in 2007. Edens not only owns a sports team, he has a strong background in athletics himself. Throughout his youth, Wesley Edens was a competitive skier. While a student at Oregon State, Edens played baseball. Today his hobbies include mountain climbing and horse jumping.

End Citizens United Takes On Florida Governor Rick Scott

End Citizens United takes a stark opposition to Citizens United, a Political Action Committe (PAC) founded in 1988 by a man named Floyd Brown who received substantial funding from the Koch Brothers. The Koch Brothers own the second largest privately owned company in the United States and certainly promote the uninhibited growth of business, in a manner that many would say rival rightful government restrictions that have been put in place on how corporations are permitted to fund elections. Citizens United is infamous for the 2010 Supreme Court case, in which the group actually sued the Federal Election Commission for placing restrictions on funding elections. The ruling was that it was in fact unconstitutional for the government to essentially restrict independent political spending. Enter End Citizens United.

Since the Supreme Court decision in 2010 Citizens United vs. F.E.C., this group was established on March 1, 2015. They have been organizing to promote accountability, transparency, and the power of many. It is a grassroots effort against the government’s current stance condoning the ability of billionaires to essentially buy our elections. The group aims to accomplish these efforts by electing pro-reform candidates, passing pro-reform laws in states, and raising awareness of the issue of money in politics. Most recently, End Citizens United, based out of Washington, D.C., has taken a stance by filing a complaint with the F.E.C. against Florida Governor Rick Scott.

Scott has raised over $78 million for his campaign funds. He is alleged to use a “super PAC,” for supporting his campaign for Senate. Proof of this activity is demonstrated by the fact that the PAC’s website listed Rick Scott as the chairman of the organization. Furthermore, Rick Scott’s campaign was listed at the same address as was the New Republican. Suggestions for lessening money’s involvement in elections include electing people based on their interest in the actual law, as well as electing more Democrats in the houses of Congress. End Citizens United has taken a bold, and equally justified, step in confronting Governor Rick Scott about his PAC involvement.

Dr. Shafik Sachedina, A Beacon Of Hope To The Community

Dr. Shafik Sachedina is a UK based dentist who has been in the profession ever since he left Tanzania for further education in the United Kingdom. Born in 1950, he got a unique opportunity to pursue his passion of becoming a dentist after he successfully graduated in England.

Shafik Sachedina did not waste any time and immediately rolled his sleeves and worked to become one of the most renowned dentists in the country. He has dedicated his entire life to providing beautiful smiles to the many clients that he has had the opportunity to interact with. His mission of spreading smiles has not been limited to the profession as he has also advanced in the healthcare business serving many roles that have helped to steer the medical industry in the right direction.

Follow Shafik Sachedina on Twitter

Shafik Sachedina holds prestigious positions at Sussex healthcare where he has served as manager. He showed early signs of leadership by his sheer will to be able to lend a helping hand to whoever was in need of his services whether poor or rich. Such a drive led him to team up with non-profit organizations such as Aga Khan as well as the Ismaili society that strive to bring better healthcare services to the less fortunate. Shafik Sachedina has also contributed to the pharmaceutical industry by providing insight on research and development on drugs that treat various cases of brain injury.

His role as the manager in the Jamati Institutions has led to many activities as well as coordinated efforts that have been able to provide aid to Central Asia. Additionally, he also serves as the head of FOCUS and several other positions such as committee member of Ismaili Leader’s organization. All of the above roles he serves on a voluntary capacity that proves his dedication to serving humanity. His success has not clouded his perception of reality as he believes serving the community is the highest calling that any individual can be able to be honored with. His humble background in Africa is the source of his strength as from his experiences there is always a person who is in need of help.

Search more about: https://ismailimail.wordpress.com/2017/10/04/a-delegation-of-the-aga-khan-foundation-led-by-shafik-sachedina-meets-russian-deputy-foreign-minister-mikhail-bogdanov/

Sujit Choudhry’s Insightful Take on the State of Democracy

Sujit Choudhry is a renowned comparative law scholar with vast experience as a mediator and constitutional-based conflict resolution. In the face of growing controversies surrounding the special counsel Robert Muller’s investigations into Russia’s interference in the 2016 U.S. presidential elections, he has sought to weigh in on the issue with insightful commentary on a chapter of his upcoming book. While referencing Eric Holder’s assertion in a tweet that interference with or termination of Muller’s mandate without the involvement of the masses would amount to the crossing of a constitutional red line, Sujit Choudhry gives various examples of modern-day threats to constitutional democracy. This has led to the creation of illegitimate and defective democracies and authoritarian regimes globally, visit (Twitter.com).

Drawing from his vast experience, Sujit Choudhry points that coup d’états and self-coups marked by ignoring term limits by sitting presidents are threats to constitutional democracy in the modern era. The latter, which amounts to autocracy, is achieved through suspended presidential elections, the pronouncement of state of emergencies and dissolution of legislative bodies. Self-coups are also executed through deliberate electoral fraud disguised as legitimate democratic processes. Giving the example of Poland, Sujit Choudhry notes that ruling and dominant parties can hide their ulterior motives in technical and housekeeping procedures by undemocratically amending the constitution to favour their political ideologies and causes. The populist party, Law, and Justice Party has introduced right-wing ideologies into Poland’s constitution by circumventing the authority of democratic laws and institutions such as the vice presidency.


Promoting Peace through Mediation and Constitution

Sujit Choudhry is an international mediator who has played a vital role in bringing peace in many countries across the globe including Libya, South Africa, Jordan, Yemen and Ukraine among others through his advisory role on constitutional construction, refer to (Instagram.com). His in-depth scholarly and field experience on conflict resolution, constitutional research, and comparative law has seen him work for United Nations and the World Bank in various capacities including constitutional advisory and construction and conflict arbitration and mediation, additional information on crunchbase.com.

Through the Center for Constitutional Transitions where he currently serves as the director, Sujit Choudhry is dedicated to knowledge-based constitution construction through research. The center brings together global experts on constitution and law while involving other learning instructions, think tanks and non-governmental organizations. Sujit Choudhry serves on several constitutional-related boards and committees and has authored several books and articles, visit http://constitutionaltransitions.org/director/#Choudhry.

Deirdre Baggot’s Career in Summary

Being Vice President of The Camden Group, Deirdre Baggot is known throughout as the “go-to” when talking about things such as bundled payment. Enduring was her main focus in order to accomplish such endeavors as the Bundled Payments for Care Improvement Initiative for Models number 2 through 4. While spending time at Exempla Saint Joseph in Colorado, and also the prestigious Northwestern Memorial located at The University of Michigan Health System, Ms. Baggot gained much respect when it came to healthcare reform. After drawing from her years as a clinician plus being a hospital executive to pioneer bundled payments, Deirdre then worked with others to increase awareness and make much more in revenue to help assist healthcare advisory forms. View Deirdre Baggot’s profile at Linkedin

Taking place right in the heart of the United States, there just happens to be over 60,000 diagnoses happening that many are not aware of. Keep that in mind with over 6,000 drugs being administered on top of that plays a major role. 4,000 surgical techniques are being deployed regardless of if the recipient is in a position to be able to pay or not. With folks like Ms. Baggot leading the movement to bring in change, things can be fixed on a higer level and can assist many. People say that the bundled payments have been expected to rise in importance within the medical community. Members of the board and executives inside the hospital have to know how important it is to know what a smart bundled strategy payment looks like completed.

Deirdre has been credited for the implementation of various new payment models over the course of her career. Working with employers, medicaid, medicare, along with commercial payors in over 200 hospitals, she has had the best results in the industry. Deirdre Baggot has improved quality and patient experience by using a model transformation. Deirdre served as an guide to CMS for the Bundled Payments for Care Improvement Initiative. Ms. Baggot worked as an advisor to the New York Medicaid bundled payments pilots. In closing, she has dedicated her resources to the job of bundled payments and also growing this sector overall.

Read more: https://www.researchgate.net/scientific-contributions/29148566_Deirdre_Baggot