Jorge Moll Neuro Science Researcher

Jorge Mill has a very fascinating medicine history. He received his MD from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. He lives in Brazil as well with his family. Jorge always wanted to be a doctor. He is the president of D’Or institute of research and education. He also serves on the board of many medical groups. He attribute the founding of D’Or to his desire to help his country. He is very passionate about helping the people of Brazil ( He wants his practice to be of blessing to his homeland. Neuro science is a serious business, and it’s good to know someone is in it for the people. Jorge also has family in Brazil as well.

Jorge Mill is always looking to help out anyway he can. He spend his days doing research and assisting his students with their studies in the medical field. He has overw0 years of experience in the industry, so he is definitely the go to guy. If any one knows about the brain, it’s the guys at D’OR research facilities.

Jorge is a huge fan of artificial intelligence and he is interested in learning about how the brain and machine can work along side each other. He runs a non profit research institute and published very good neurological studies. He hopes to make advancement that will help the people of Brazil love a higher quality life.

As a neurologist, Jorge is very passionate about learning what makes the brain work, and how we can work along side with technology to produce better outcome. He lives in Rio where he went to school and run his research facility. As a neurologist, he is always working to bring new advancement in the field. If you’re looking for more information on Jorge, you can search him up on (LinkedIn) and Facebook.

Jorge Moll an innovative thinker and Medical Professional

Jorge Moll is a giving individual who is making a difference in the lives of the people of Brazil. Jorge Moll wanted to help people with difficult medical issues and give them a quality of life. He was always interested in image scanning machines of the brain. The one which he believes to be very instrumental in doing further understanding of the brain is the FMRI machine.

Jorge Moll obtained his degree in Neuroscience from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil where he also completed his residency. He went on to obtain his Ph.D. in Experimental Pathophysiology from the São Paulo University. Jorge Moll is a neuroscientist and founder and president of D’Or Institute and Education or IDOR. Dr. Jorge Moll is also the Director of the Cognitive & Behavioral Neuroscience Unit or CBNU. Dr. Jorge Moll also Directs a diagnostic and imaging laboratory called Neuroinformatics Workgroup.

Jorge Moll’s believes that productivity is achieved by surrounding oneself with a variety of knowledge base people. Dr. Jorge Moll practices this in his own life on a day to day basis. He has meetings with staff, students, teachers and researchers on a variety of topics. He says that most productivity is achieved when people can freely express their opinion and ideas and are willing to come together to bring ideas to life. Jorge Moll knows how to bring ideas to life. He chooses those ideas that can be put into an action plan quickly.

Jorge Moll has a different business strategy. He believes a person’s passion to work on interesting projects help to propel to see how they can positively impact the industry and human lives. Even though, Jorge Moll is running a research institute and a non-profit company he believes that it is best to learn from one’s failures as well as your success. It’s not the success that teaches you but your failures. The best-recommended habit that Jorge Moll can give is that it’s not important to do things the same way over and over again but to keep reevaluating your model and approach.



Cassio Audi: Being A Musician In A Financial World

There is no doubt that Audi is someone to be looking up to in the financial field. He has served in several notable positions throughout his career and has gained an ample amount of experience as he moved along the field and had more interactions and more experiences. He has also worked with a range of clients and corporates, coming to him from a variety of different sectors. Having this much experience in the field has been incredibly beneficial for Audi as he moves along in his career and has to lead more and more businesses and corporates.Audi’s financial experience and knowledge have proven to be a brilliant asset to the companies that he has worked at. The companies coming to him for financial advisory and advice greatly benefit from the input that Audi is giving them, and have witnessed a positive amount of growth.

Even though Cassio Audi might be a well-known name in the financial field, there are still a lot of things that people don’t know about him. One of the things that people commonly don’t know about Audi is his strong love for music. Music has always been one of his passions for an incredibly long time, and since a young age, Audi has been involved with participating and performing all over. He also has a passion for writing songs and producing them to be released to his audience who regularly tune into his music.Cassio Audi attributes a lot of his success in the financial field to his experiences in the music industry and the work that he took on there. Being a musician, he would constantly have to meet people and get along with them.

When he was on the stage, he would have to command the audience to get all their eyes on him and focus on his music. This is something that has helped him in the boardroom as well since he always knows how to hold someone’s attention and appeal to them to make them believe in him.The social skills that he developed during his time as a musician have also helped him immensely as he progressed in the field. These social skills have helped him get more clients, and have helped him aptly guide the clients that he already has.Till this day, Cassio Audi continues to perform and upload his music to YouTube and other popular sites, along with offering financial advice and helping corporates all overgrow.

The Irish Worker Bulds On The Career Of Jim Larkin

Jim Larkin is a political figure immortalized in many different areas of life in Ireland, including a statue and in song and literature. Known as “Big” Jim Larkin, the role played by the man born to Irish parents in the English port city of Liverpool in the burgeoning Irish independence movement of the early 20th-century cannot be understated.

Larkin became one of the leading figures in the movement through his work to unionize the workers of Ireland and in creating the left-leaning Irish Labour Party in 1912.

A committed Republican, Jim Larkin was a trade union leader often seen as being ahead of his time in his views and political beliefs which stand at odds with many of the tactics used by many of his contemporaries. Read more: James Larkin | Ireland Calling and Jim Larkin | Wikipedia

Larkin was known for his success as a leader of a number of strikes and successfully launched his own union, the Irish Transport and General Workers Union in December 1908 when he became disillusioned working with the National Dock Laborers Union.

Jim Larkin felt his role in Dublin, Ireland was impossible to continue in 1914 following the negativity directed towards him by media barons of the time who had worked against him to end the 1913 Dublin Lockout general strike.

As the war in Europe broke out to begin World War I, Jim Larkin found himself battling on many different fronts to oppose Irish involvement in a war on the European mainland and to break British rule in Ireland.

A move to the U.S. in 1914 was spurred on by a growing sense that money needed to be raised from North America to fund the growing republican armies within Ireland and for Jim Larkin to develop his own career as a public speaker.

Although successful with the former task, Larkin largely failed to find an audience for his public speaking and was deported for his socialist involvement in 1920.

Had Larkin remained in Ireland and played a role in the 1916 Easter Rising attempts to secure independence from England his place among martyrs like his friend and colleague, James Connelly would have been sealed.

However, following his return to Ireland, Larkin found it difficult to reclaim his former position and would eventually be readmitted to the Irish Labour Party in 1945 just two years before his death.

Renew, Revitalize, Recover: Jeunesse Global

This blooming health and wellness company was fired up over coals in inspiration and philanthropy. Creators Randy and Wendy originally penned the company into existence back in 2009 with a question in mind: “What if we could stop aging for everyone around the world?” In the almost-decade since Jeunesse Global came to be, many have given their ever-improving product formulas a try and found that the rumors are true: Age reversal and prevention is indeed possible.

Jeunesse was only realized thanks to the ventures that the spry duo of enterprisers had tirelessly pursued, which ended in success and opened the way to fund a new name in the health and wellness industry that would one day become a part of the 500 most rapidly developing direct-sales companies in the world. With their roots entrenched in longevity, wellness and the realization of self, the brainchild of Randy and Wendy has become a leader in its field today.

Product Offerings

Apart from the peerless customer service, the defining feature of Jeunesse is the nine-step regimen they call the Youth Enhancement System, or Y.E.S. The can-do attitude of Jeunesse’s products boils down to nine basic ideas that pertain to youthful wellness, and each one is represented by an array of products that altogether address a specific zone of the human body. These offerings include:

  • Short- and long-term skin restoration and enhancement
  • Alternatives to coffee and energy drinks in the morning and throughout the day
  • Mood-enhancing supplements to keep you bright and positive
  • Fitness supplements that thin down your appetite while promoting fat-to-muscle conversion
  • A mind-sharpening blend that uses a unique protein mix
  • Nighttime sleep aids and daytime energy supplements
  • Antioxidant- and vitamin-rich formulas for immune function

Why It Works

Instead of creating a product that tackles the problem head-on, Jeunesse has created a regimen that strengthens the body so it can fight its own battles on the path to wellness. This is ideal because the synthetic offerings of other companies often carry contraindications and unforeseen hazards. Y.E.S. is designed for old and young individuals to realize their potential and protect it for years to come.

Academy Of Art University

The Academy Of Art University was established in 1929. The Academy Of Art is one of the greatest private schools.

The founder of The Academy Of Art University is a man by the name of Richard S. Stephens. The Academy Of Art University has about twelve thousand students. Also, The Academy Of Art University has about one thousand and four hundred teachers. Plus, The Academy Of Art University is the biggest private art school in America.

The Academy Of Art University is a profit art school. The president of The Academy Of Art University is Elisa Stephens. The school colors of The Academy Of Art University is red and black. The Academy Of Art University is located on one of the biggest plots of land in San Francisco.

The Academy Of Art University had its annually runway showcase, on September 9, 2017. The designers at the runway showcase are from all over the world. Their skills even influence some of the biggest names in California. For example, it influenced Ms.J Alexander. Ms. J Alexander is one of the judges on Americas Next Top Model.

Hailun Zhou had one of the best fashion designs, it shown modern, attitude, and class. The Academy Of Art University has taught their students the best knowledge of art itself.

Another great design would have to be, by the artist, Eden Slezin. What made Eden’s design so great, was the materials used was organic and natural. The Academy Of Art University is one of the best art schools in the United States. The Academy Of Art University has some of the best teachers in the world. When you graduate from The Academy Of Art University, you will know everything you need to know about art.

The Academy Of Art University is a very prestigious school, so do your best and you will have the best.

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Dr. Mark McKenna’s Success In The Cosmetic Industry

Dr. Mark McKenna received his medical degree from the Tulane University School of Medicine. He eventually moved to Atlanta, Georgia to open a full-service cosmetic chain ShapeMed in 2007. ShapeMed offers laser hair removal, Botox injections, and weight and nutrition counseling. ShapeMed operated out of four offices that were bringing in $4 million a year in revenue. In 2014, Lifetime Fitness acquired ShapeMed and asked McKenna to become their medical director. By this time, Dr. Mark McKenna has already been approached by outside capital to create his own brand. Before jumping into another business, he took some time off to spend with his wife and newborn daughter in Atlanta.

After college, Dr. Mark McKenna worked as a doctor in his father’s private practice for five years. After seeing his father’s struggles with billing and insurance issues, he wanted to create a fee-for-service medical practice of his own. He wanted to provide wellness and aesthetics services that didn’t rely on reimbursement and billing changes that come with insurance.

Currently, Dr. McKenna is establishing a new chain of medical offices called OVME. What makes OVME stand apart is the app that benefits freelance practitioners and their Botox patients. Customers who use the app can connect with professionals who make house calls to administer facial fillers. The app will also give their customers the ability to have virtual consultations. Forms are conveniently filled out by email, so there is little to no wait time when you go into their offices. The app allows practitioners to take on extra work or “moonlight” without a lot of overhead.

Dr. Mark McKenna will target new medical professionals through plastic surgery society meetings, Facebook and large trade shows in the medical industry. He is confident that his business will make over $25 million in revenue in as little as five years.

David McDonald is Leading OSI Group into the Future

David McDonald is the President of OSI Group. As a young boy, McDonald grew up on a farm and developed an interest in agricultural industry. He always had the desire to improve industry operations. He was educated at Iowa State University and earned a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in Animal Science. Upon graduation in 1991, he pursued employment opportunities with OSI Industries, a company based in Chicago, Illinois. He began as an entry level hire and through hard work, determination and commitment to his job, McDonald rose through the ranks to become the Chief Operation Officer (COO) and the President.

In 2016, OSI acquired Baho Foods. McDonald saw the acquisition as an additional compliment to the OSI family. It allowed OSI to expand its European market and help OSI keep up with the increasing demand for service and products. The acquisition also allows OSI to keep pace with global trends. It is due to David McDonald leadership that made the acquisition work as well as it does because of the coordination between the global logistics team and local operations.

McDonald brings to OSI the entrepreneurial spirit and that inspires team members to go above and beyond to meet the demands and the needs of the customers. That same spirit brings on the “can-do” attitude to develop creative solutions to simple and sometimes perplexing challenges. Being a privately owned company solutions allow for patience and flexibility. McDonald sees the best management decisions are made close to the customers region. This gives OSI the ability to work globally, but locally and the benefits are what is best for the company and customer relationship.

McDonald finds the inspiration to be innovative by the customer’s needs. The challenges to find the most cost effective and efficient solution for the customer is what OSI Group does best. Through McDonald’s leadership he inspires and challenges his team to rise to the top to find solutions for the customer’s challenges. In order to stay competitive and maintain an edge over the competition McDonald is an advocate of adapting to change. To deny anything ever changes will destroy a business quicker than anything. Adapting to change has become the mainstay for OSI and that has given them the cutting edge to stay ahead of the game.

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Dr. Dov Rand, Expert in Anti-Aging

Dr. Dov Rand is an anti-aging specialist. An anti-aging specialist is someone who reverses the signs of aging. For example, an anti-aging specialist might provide you anti-aging cream, to make you look a lot younger then you actually are.

Dr. Dov Rand helps men and women who want to reduce the aging process. Dr. Dov Rand is located in New Jersey. Dr. Dov Rand operates a medical center that helps so many people look their best. Dr. Dov Rand’s medical center offers medical treatments that tightens your skin and reduces wrinkles.

Dr. Dov Rand is a partner with the Age Management Medical Group. The Age Management Medical Group is an organization. Dr. Dov Rand is also apart of the American Academy Of Anti-Aging Medicine. The American Academy Of Anti-Aging Medicine is a group of people who have seminars, who teach you everything you need to know about anti-aging medicine.

Dr. Dov Rand loves his job and will do anything to erase all your wrinkles and make you look like your young and vibrant self. Dr. Dov Rand is so amazing at his job, that he has received dozens of rewards.

Dr. Dov Rand uses his treatments himself and that’s why he looks so young. Dr. Dov Rand’s patients love his work and the treatments he provides. Dr. Dov Rand has even helped people with diabetes control their symptoms and feel amazing (Northnewjerseyhcg).

Dr. Dov Rand’s patients say he is one of the best anti-aging specialist we have today. Dr. Dov Rand’s patients also say he is really enjoyable doctor to work with. Dr. Dov Rand also helps with weight loss. Dr. Dov Rand’s weight loss programs has helped so many people look their best and feel their best. Dr. Dov Rand has been the reason for some of the best transformations. If your in search for an anti-aging specialist then you should look no further and pick Dr. Dov Rand.


Jeff Aronin: Bioscience’s Hero the Industry Deserves and Needs

As the world evolves and the population grows exponentially, many wonder about our need to conquer the health issues of the new the population boom. Private businesses are always at the forefront of that cause, one in particular set itself apart from the rest. Its unique, but still simplistic approach towards the proliferation of sound medical and business practices has given way to a very successful company, Paragon Biosciences (( Simply put, it finds diseases with the highest need for attention and where treatment is scarce to nonexistent. One of its companies that focuses of serious dermatologic diseases is named Castle Creek Pharmaceuticals, and it really drives home that focus and underscores Paragons determination to find a solution to many of the 6,000 diseases that still plague our society as a whole. It has 13 FDA approved drugs in the past decade alone. It prefers to keep all phases of its clinical trials in-house to ensure the utmost integrity of the entire process.


Leadership in the Corporate World

The genius behind this behemoth is none other than Jeff Aronin. Jeff has over twenty years of experience building profitable businesses that help bring solutions to the afflicted members of our society. His skill of strategic business development was the catalyst to his meteoric rise. His main focus is the patients, which has set Jeff apart from his peers. Evident of this is the many chairman positions he’s held. That includes MedCare Technologies and chief executive officer of Ovation Pharmaceuticals, a company he himself founded in 2000. He also served as president and CEO of Lundbeck during its merger with Ovation. Jeff Aronin expertly led this transaction and added his own business acumen to foster a successful transition.

Jeff Aronin has a saying that goes “problems people deem unsolvable are problems worth solving.” Those aren’t just empty words, he’s chosen to live by those and his success is indicative of those words.